the Lunacies [WIPs]

Oddball (title in the works)

-suspected to be a trilogy

genre: fantasy, YA or perhaps MG

narration: third person, multiple POVs

status: first draft in progress

           Oddball, a half-breed living in the border of the kingdoms Odd and Bal, becomes a Postal Traveler in an attempt to escape the hostility of his homeland. But the rest of the world is not much tamer. Oddball must escape jungle tribes, tiptoe through war-riddled kingdoms, flee from strange creatures all while delivering the intrakingdomal mail on time. Will there ever be a place where he can belong?

kingdoms, fantasy creatures, battles, quirky characters, cultures, dragons, friendships, prejudices, home, and humor

Sandy (title in the works)

-suspected to be a series

genre: Medieval fantasy, YA

narration: third person, multiple POVs

status: first draft of first book finished, currently on hold

summary of first book:

             Sandy, a Sierran slave in the royal Casprian palace, longs to be free. With war between Sierra and Caspar approaching, she agrees to become a spy when the War Council votes her in. But with Carlo as king of Caspar, nothing is ever as it seems. With the low survival rate of past slave spies, Sandy fights to deliver crucial information and carry out vital plans before she is found out. Or has she already been?

word mash for the series:

spies, swords, lies, secrets, archery, families, prejudices, forgiveness, bitterness, fear, love, and twin sisters

the weird idea (needs a title)
-a series

genre: some dystopian futuristic thing, NA, perhaps YA

narration: first person, POV may change from book to book

status: brainstorming process and writing random scenes

            Rayne writes to us from the future, from a world in which self-identity has been destroyed, knowledge is legally repressed, very treasured, and highly guarded, and there are great and dangerous discoveries made in human genetics. She also sends us the journals of her predecessors.
           When defying gravity is a common feat, Rayne's photographic memory can be taken for normal, but there is so much she wants to forget. In the Year of Keep your Mouth Shut and your Head Down, Rayne wants to be a part of the government's demise. Yet her lone efforts aren't enough for a catastrophic change so she must team up with a rebel cause to make a difference. But Rayne has never trusted anyone. Or has she? 

superpowers, journals, guns, underground alliances, betrayals, flashbacks, hope, trust, and a lot of telepathy



  1. These are all very interesting, especially the last one! Sounds like 1984 :O

  2. Oh! want to read the top 2 :D
    The third one also seems interesting but I think you need to write the summary after drafting everything like in top 2 :D

  3. Wow, these sound very cool. I like that you used unique premises and names. You have my interest. :)