Starting Sparks

Emily @ Ink, Inc. and me @ right here have collaborated to bring you a writing prompt link up. Just a little something to keep the writing muscles in good shape. To get the creativity to spark and burst into flame. 

I'll assume you're an intelligent human person and have figured out it's called Starting Sparks.

Here's the button.

We post a new prompt for you at the beginning of every month (because we're prompt like that *cough*). Use the prompt how ever you want. You can use the exact words. You can use it as an idea or theme. Write a short story, a scene, a poem, whatever it is you do. Have fun. Link back to us, if you'd be ever so kind. Also, sign the link at the bottom of each monthly post that way other linkers can find and read your post too! I adore reading everyone's take on the same starting point. Plus, it's a great way to meet cool bloggers (because everyone knows bloggers are as cool as it gets). 

Write like a fiend!

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