Hi. So I despise About pages. They generate writer's block. I'm sure the About pages' sole purpose is to teach us how to overcome writer's block. Don't you hate those "because it's good for you" life moments?

This blog is mostly about books and writing. Forewarning, I do what I want. So you may find posts not related to books and writing. I'm also a book dragon. I know, I know. Ordinary people don't refer to themselves as dragons, but aren't ordinary people so adorable? 

I use a lot of gifs. Most of them are Sherlock. You'll probably find a lot of Sherlock around this blog. Among other things. Like intentional fragments and various grammar violations.

I have a mild weakness for awful, cheesy puns. 

It seems this About page is not much of an About page. It's similar to that moment when Holmes and Watson first meet, and Holmes lists all his annoying-flatmate qualities. So yeah, maybe this ought to be the annoying-blogger qualities page. 

So if you actually want to know something about me [Pfft, why ever would you read an About page for that?], I'm 20 something. I'm a writer. Obviously. I am writing this after all. You think I can afford a secretary?! I write novels, especially fantasy, but I like anything that falls under the broad category of speculative fiction. I am interested in self-publishing, and I *might* want to be a freelance editor for other self-publishing authors.

I have difficulty with titles, and I always strive for that finished line. So the title of this blog is, well, I'm sure you've read it. Let's not be redundant. I think that's pretty much all you need to know in preparation for my lonely mountain of cyberspace. The rest you'll find out for yourself.


  1. Hey I sent you an email, and I want to make sure you got it. :)

  2. Honestly, this is the best about page I have ever seen!