Saturday, September 3, 2016

Starting Sparks: September // Survey Results // Music Monday

Hello, everyone! August bordered on insanity. . . so September is insanity. I know this is supposed to be the introduction, but I stink at introductions. 


You remember that survey I made for you? Well, I thought you might enjoy seeing the results! I guess most bloggers do pie charts. I hate graphs in any form. Apparently, pie charts are fun? So I'll allow you at least one.

 Pie Chart.:

 You're welcome.

Also, I'm linking up with Lauren @ Always Me for Music Monday. One of my Switchfoot albums cracked, so in memory of my Learning to Breathe, here's the title track.

Thank you for actually doing the survey! The six of you. You're awesome.

Only two of admitted to being a strawberry croissant. *high fives* You're cool with me.

Surprisingly, 4:6 [or two-thirds] of you like reviews. I don't even post reviews often. So maybe I ought to do more?

How many of you like blue for the blog color? It was a 2:2:2 split [sssh, you can split a pie thirds].

A third of you are suspicious Erudites.
[These are the cool kids.] 

A third of you think blue is a sad color.
[ O.o How did you wind up here?] 

A third of you think blue is sad for deep people; therefore, blue is ideal.
[You-- I like you.]

Someone thinks I should get a schedule for my posts and be normal. Normal?! No way. Have you seen normal people these days?  

Or should we consider if normal even exists?

I'll share a few of the books you recommended so that everyone can check them out.

The Blackthorn by Kevin Sands
Howl's Moving Castle
Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness
The Unwind series by Neal Shusterman
The Lies of Lamora 
The Goldfinch
Harry Potter
The Great Gatsby
How Green was My Valley
Skulduggery Pleasant

I'm excited to look into some of these! 

By of way, we're all dragons here, excluding the normal person. [Don't worry, we love you too.]

 [I'm about to share the whole album with you.]

Things You Associate with [insert title here]

blue and Sherlock gifs
Thank you. *bows*

happiness, Sherlock, and friendship
Aw! Thank you! *hugs*

books, Beautiful People posts, and your comments everywhere
I'm not sure what the comment about my comments mean? But thanks!

Starting Sparks and Oddball
AH! You actually remember Oddball and Co.! You rock. :)

[I'll have to summarize this one. . .]

absolute hilarity, comments make my day, I love Oddball, Calvin and Hobbes/Sherlock gif usage good 
Thank you so much! Everything, even the other things too. :D *hugs*

You all are the best! We're like a really small gang. . . OF ASGARDIAN WARRIORS!


Most all of you understand that reference. But only one of you shared your favorite fandoms? I would love to hear what you have to say about the things you enjoy. Tell me in the comments!

So under the advice/suggestions section someone mentioned changing the blog background from blue to white. I've been mulling over exactly that since January. I like my blog blue because, well, I like blue. Also I follow a lot of people who have white backgrounds, and I love their blogs, including the blog design. But sometimes I want a change; I need something different. For me, the white is really bright. Maybe I'm just weird. So I decided to have a blue blog so I could be the something different that I wanted. Buuut, as the Mystery Woman mentioned, white is cleaner and more professional. So I compromised. Light blue is still blue, but almost white, right? 

Someone else said YOU ROCK! I'm not sure if that's advice [unless you want me to keep rocking]? But who cares? YOU ROCK TOO!

Thank you again for taking the survey! You all rock.

Also, Emily @ Ink, Inc. and I have a new Starting Sparks prompt for you! Sorry I'm slacking on the prompt side of things.
Here's your button:

And here's the prompt for September!

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