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Beautiful People: Two for One // Peril and Keth

Today I'm linking up with Sky @ further up and further in and Cait @ Paper Fury for Beautiful People. In the last post I asked what character you all wanted to read about.

I had a halfway answer for Peril (from the Oddball Trilogy) and the other half for a character from the weird idea. Being indecisive me, I'll comply with both. (There was also a Rocky request which I intend to fulfill in April.) So I'm going to split these questions in half, and mix them up. The first set will be for Peril. The second set will be for Keth.



(That's not Peril. But she makes me think of her. One day, I'll get the gumption to draw her for you.)

Describe their daily routine.

Her routine is rarely, uh, routine? She's on the move a lot. She works as a Postal Traveler and is usually, well, traveling in order to deliver things. She also happens to be secretly on the run from. . .  her homeland's military. Routine would make her predicatable. Also, Peril bores with routine.

But she does wake early. If she's traveling with people, she prefers to be the first awake. Also, she'll most likely be the last to sleep. Aka: most people never see Peril sleep.

 Write a list of things they merely tolerate.



Oddball, at times

not Oddball, at other times (he's hit-and-miss irritating)

Sappy, sentimental stuff

Rocky's singing

people who are slow to "get it"


Can they swim? If so, how did they learn?

Once upon a time, she was part of this clan. Really it was just a bunch of misfit kids like herself. Anyhow, they were goofing around, as kids do, and with a playful push she was submerged underwater. Peril didn't panic at the notion that oh, she doesn't know how to swim. She managed and reached the surface, uh, clumsily, half choking, half laughing. They all spent the day in the water. So Peril taught herself. She never actually had a fear of the water as her friends and her were having too grand a time tackling, splashing, and dunking each other. Drowning never entered their young minds.


How do they react to awkward silences?

Most normally, Peril will fill these silences with some wild wandering of her mind. But that's usually her mask. Her mask has no reverence for a silence that's awkward for an important reason.

If by chance, it is an important sort of awkward silence (say someone died) and she's not pretending, then she'll keep quiet or find something that'll release the tension.

 Your character is having a rough day. . . what things do they do to make them happy again? Is there anyone they talk/interact with to get in a better mood?

She would probably talk to Skyler. Skyler and her are besties. Also, Skyler kind of has this therapeutic aurora about her. She's a good listener and very understanding. She's probably the easiest to talk to as well as the easiest going of the four. If Skyler wasn't so shy, everyone and their dog would confide in her.

Peril might, maybe just be around Oddball. You know. If they're on friendly terms and Oddball isn't' angry with her.

Oddball and Peril:

Oddball's presence is very calming. It also tends to make her more herself so. . . sometimes she actually avoids him when she'd rather be with him. No, it doesn't make sense. Peril tends to complicate things.


Peril might also throw her knife. At a target. Not a human. Sometimes she goes off hunting. She'll go for a walk in the woods. Or even a run if nobody's around to watch. ANYTHING to move. 


So I took an unforgivable amount of time trying to find a Keth look alike. Pinterest, you have failed me.


Keth looks kinda like this guy and Andrew Garfield. But not. (Don't you love how much sense that makes?)

His hair is black (he might have dyed a lock of it some outlandish color). He wears glasses and a black leather jacket. Keth also smirks a lot, because he thinks he's cool and charismatic (no, Keth, geeky and charismatic). He kind of has this tech/hacker vibe.

Look what I've created! How I feel when finishing a good day of writing ;) gif

Have I talked about Keth at all? I haven't talked about the weird idea though (ssh, I'm not supposed to be thinking about it). But if you don't know what the weird idea is, it's the last book listed under The Lunacies page.

Rayne is the protagonist, and Keth is her older brother, her only blood relation. They grew up taking care of each other on the streets. This caption is Rayne's thoughts on their early days.

I love Keth. I could tell you so much about Keth.

What first inspired this character? Is there a person/ actor you based them off?

Don't laugh too much, okay?

Keth was originally based on Loki. His character really took on a more three dimensional shape after I saw the first Thor movie. Keth was a mix of Loki and some other character whom I feel like a completely idiot for forgetting. But he's not much like Loki anymore. Keth is not half as angry as Loki.

Loki is always this seething ball of rage. He's a coiled snake poised to strike.

Keth appears like a, oh. . . hm.

Keth might have been taken from The Mentalist? I think he was also based off Patrick Jane. So think.

 If you mashed Loki 


and Jane together,

 then BAM!

Comic Balloon (JPG Image, Vector EPS, CS, action, background, bam, beam, blank, break, bubble, cartoon, cloud, clouds, comic, comical, crash, empty, explode, explosion, express, expression, fire, flame, flash, half, halftone, message, pattern, picture, pow, retro, style, tone):

You have a tangle of arms and legs.

Uh, you would have Keth.

But now he's a little more like Keth than anyone else.


 If they joined your local high school, what clique would they fall into?

Ahaha. I am so stealing Skye's @ Ink Castles answer.

The geeks and freaks.

 What is one major event that helped shape who they are?

Being a drama queen (yeah, he's one of those) Keth would tell you every little moment was a major event that shaped his life, but sheesh, ignore him. Please. He thinks all the world is his stage. Don't give him an audience too.

So I'll say the day that he and Rayne separated.


8. What things do they value most in life?

I actually have to think about this answer. Which isn't a good thing because this is an important question here!

Uh, uuuuuuuuuuuuum. A list?

1) People

Keth cares about people.

2) Humanity

More like he cares about being humane.


3) His grand master plan

Yeah, he's got one of those. He is a drama queen. Do you think he wouldn't have one?


(That's the status of Keth's self esteem. There's no arrogance going on over here. Never.)

4) Becoming a stronger telepath

Oh, hello. Hi. Did I mention that the weird idea has superpowers? And Keth is totally not one of the most powerful and capable telepaths in the whole of the book series. *cough* At all. Don't even let the thought enter your mind.

5) Rayne

 Rayne is very important to him. Basically, they are not twins, but they have the same kind of bond. He's kind of possessive of her, despite that they have a heart crushing past and are separated for most of the series.

(If you watch The Mentalist, you'll understand. If you don't watch The Mentalist, why ever not?!)

6) Norse myth

He has a thing for Norse myth. *shrugs* What can I say? The awesome part about writing a futuristic world is referencing the past world, right? 

Keth is a little twisted (half Loki, half Jane; what else would he be?). He has a strange way of showing he cares. Therefore you might never realize he cares about this stuff. Except, you know, I just wrote a list for you. . .

Do they believe in giving people second chances? Do they have any trust issues?

Second chances, oh yes. *grins*

Watch out though. His idea of second chances may not be what you have in mind.

Does he have trust issues? I've never really thought of that. Rayne is the one with trust issues galore. But Keth? Yeah. I guess he does have a few of those hiding under that charismatic smile. The dude has control issues, so a few trust issues might be a side effect, right?

Have you done Beautiful People? OH and, if YOU HAD A SUPERPOWER, what would you want it to be?! I'd want to be telekinetic and invisible, please and thank you.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

the Good Dream Maker // Starting Sparks // Music Monday

Another double link up! I finally decided to post my Starting Sparks today. I have this feeling that it's missing something while having too much of something else in it. But I can't figure out either. So yeah. Just have it the way it is. 

I think it was Emily of New Moon who said something similar to when writing there's always that one word, or that one feeling that you're always trying to grasp onto. You search and search for it and finally it's just at your fingertips. You can feel it. You're right on the brink of it and it vanishes in the wind. So elusive. Of course, it was said much more eloquently than that. 

That's kind of how writing's been lately. 

Starting Sparks is a sorta writing prompt link up hosted by Emily @ Ink, Inc. and someone else who wants a cup of tea. There is still time to join up! It ends with the month, and there are rules (if that's your thing) up on the tab bar? Title bar? *booming voice* The Navigational Tool. 

I have no idea what it's properly called. . .  Adult failure of the day. 

Aw, well. 

I'm also linking up with Lauren @ Always Me for her Music Monday meme. I thought I'd give you a listen to the songs I used while writing. It's a playlist titled Yesterdays. 

This piece is 34 seconds. It's from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and is the saddest music I've ever come across. Maybe it's just because I've seen the film, but on its own it's still so moving. (Really, just listen to it on repeat while reading.) The second song on the Yesterday playlist is Gone from the soundtrack of Snow White and the Huntsman.  

So this story is a continuation of sorts for The Cycle of Yesterdays. You may not have to read the first to understand this one. But it might help. The Cycle isn't long though. 

[Sorry if you're looking for a story, but I've taken it off the blog. Blame my dragon moods or poor planning skills, but it's not here all the same. So sorry.]

(the last song on the Yesterdays playlist)

Also, alongside the prompt and the Cycle of Yesterdays, there's this poem that Emily @ Ink, Inc. shared with me. The Good Dream Maker was heavily inspired by What if you slept by Samuel Taylor. 

I have yet to do Beautiful People this month, and I have no clue what character I ought to choose. So I thought I'd give it to you guys. Who do you want to learn/read about? One of the Oddball Foursome? Rocky, Skyler, Oddball, or Peril? Or someone else? I could do someone from the weird idea. Let me know in the comments!

Have you linked up with Lauren's Music Monday before? How about Starting Sparks? Oh, and have you participated in Beautiful People? I want to read ALL your posts. Leave links for me!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Sky is Falling // a life update

I'm sorry I went MIA this month. So here's a little post to let you know what's going on. 

The Bad News


1) I have to clean my room.

2) My computer crashed.

when the internet hates you, and all of technology has plotted against your whole day

3) It also ate Microsoft Word, which is the program I use while writing.

Calvin and Hobbes - reality continues to ruin my life:

4) I'm hungry.

5) I am exhausted from. . . Everything?


The Good News

1) My Grandpa and cousin came to visit and I haven't seen my Grandpas since I was old enough to remember. So that was cool. I saw Lord of the Dance in concert. We went to a clogging convention. And basically I did all the things these past two weeks. Oh, except for breathing. I knew I had forgotten something.

Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow, "I regret nothing"

2) My car has a new windshield. It used to have a huge crack across it. But now it's new and beautiful! Yay!

3) My mom's making dinner so that solves my hunger problem.

4) I applied to a university and I got admitted!! Whooo!

a bell

5) I keep thinking up new short stories. . . while I'm at work.

(You have no clue how much I like that gif.)

6) Next week doesn't look half as busy so I'll go hardcore introvert and lock myself away to write, read, and practice guitar.

Hobbit/Sherlock crossover:

7) Despite the computer still running slow, grrrr, I'm hoping to get some more popcorn reviews up. And one day, I can catch up on reading your wonderful blogs and replying to comments. 

Needlessly to say, I'm on a blogging hiatus for the most part. Life doesn't seem to like me much at the moment, but I refuse to stay down. 

Calvin and Hobbes, consider this day seized!:

Hopefully, life and I will be on more friendly terms next month. So for now, I'll leave you with these wise words.

Calvin and Hobbes:

Whoops, uh, I mean rather. . .



Thursday, March 3, 2016

Music Monday, On a Thursday

Because I'm a rebellious blogger like that.

Actually, it's because I'm unorganized and am lucky if I even know what day of the week it is.


What were we talking about again? Oh, right.

Back to focusing.

So Lauren @ Always Me hosts a link up titled Music Monday in which you post. .  . music. The theme, I think, is TV music, but I'm not going to do that so how about something classy?

For my birthday, I got this album, Play. It's classical guitar music by Jason Vieaux. (His name though, ALL the vowels? Just why?)

 Guitar music is one of my favorites. Although strings in general will do.

It's really good for editing. I usually listen to lyric music while writing, but I cannot do that while editing. If you really want to know, this is what I listened to why editing An Odd Tale.

Also, question. Does anybody know of a band that plays Irish instrumental? I've been looking for one for a while as I don't want to wade through lyrics.

Calvin And Hobbes and classical music. From Feb 1, 1987. Playing music at 78 rpm meant over twice as fast.:

Do you ever listen to classical music? Do you edit to a certain music?

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Starting Sparks: March

The year keeps marching on.

I half wonder if people call it March because they're convincing themselves that they ought to be used to living in a new year by now. So march on! 

Yes, my brain thinks random, absurd things. Welcome, brain. Please don't convolute anything. (Convolute is totally a word.) Just keep it simple for today. Right?

Right. So today we have a new Starting Sparks prompt.

*throws confetti*

Here's the button.

The rules are on this page. (Not that writing them out each month bores me or anything.)

And your prompt is:

Write like a fiend!