Friday, November 27, 2015

Starting Sparks // Snazzy Snippets // ALL THE ALLITERATION

I got a little excited about the alliteration, and I didn't even do it on purpose. But, guys,


Anyhow. First off, I shall do my own link up, which I co-host with the grand wordsmith Emily @ Ink, Inc. (You notice she changed the title? You should check it out!). It happens to be titled Starting Sparks. (If you want to join, it's open until the end of the month.)

Maybe that sounds impolite, me doing my link up first. But I have to fulfill my duty before I can have fun with other people's link ups.

writing prompt:

I'm just going to say it. I totally went pirate and broke the rules. I mean, sort of. The rules are pretty loose. Guidelines, mostly.

pirates of the caribbean

This is just a snippet and it mentions nothing about humanity. But you can find the prompt in the theme. Zone in on the theme. 

Bah! What am I talking about? Just pretend it works, okay?

In other news, this is fresh off the first draft, so lucky you!

Daron sounded defeated. “You can’t free you from the system, Chance. I’ve tried. It only destroys you and everyone you love. The only way to be rid of it is,” Daron lifted his head, “To destroy it back.”

Oddball couldn’t believe he was hearing this form Daron. He saw his own hand lay gently on the enraged man’s shoulder. He heard his own voice filter through the shock. “Then where does the destruction stop?”

Daron turned on him with wild eyes. Eyes that Oddball had seen before. In Blazer. You can’t reason with a madman. 

“Don’t you get it?” Daron seethed. “It doesn’t stop. There is no end.” He hit a red button on the panel.

I know it's terrible. *hides face* I'll fix it later.

Okay, now for Snazzy Snippets which Alyssa @ The Devil Orders Takeout happens to co-host. She's pretty epic. You need to follow her. If you want to join her link, again, you also have until the end of this month. (So, hey! A double link up?!)

This is challenging. The first snippet is one without dialogue. I look at my WIP and those places are few and far between. This Rocky's POV.

Peril was not there. Ah. That’s what was missing from the silence. Someone to scare it off into it’s proper place and ask the most crazy of questions and jump around like it wasn’t the time of night most people slept through.

Ignore the run-on sentence. It's not there. (It's killing me!)

Now for a snippet with a friend/family member. Oddball the Sequel actually features Rocky's elusive brother, so here's part of their reunion.

Callor took a quick step- spin, and his foot sailed for Rocky’s head. Rocky leaped back. 

“Bold opening,” Rocky commented. Both of them had their hands down again.

“I figured you wouldn’t see it coming.” Callor shrugged like this was some old past time chat they always engaged in. 

It was actually. 

Callor stepped closer again. Rocky stood his ground. 

“It’s your move, little bro.” 

“I’m not your bro,” Rocky said. 

“Look at us!” Callor almost laughed. “There’s no denying it.”

“Looks aren’t all there is to brotherhood.”

“Don’t be-“ 

Rocky punched him in the mouth. 

Callor licked the blood from his lip. “Really?”

“You were looking.” Now Rocky shrugged.

*cringes* Yes, it needs work. Please at least understand the bravery on my part. I just wrote this today. And it suuucks.

Ashley, stop whining.

*sniffles* Fine. Tear my heart out and give them the last one.

The final one is a snippet that took for ages to write. I could basically choose from anything from the past couple of days, because writing as been the equivalent of pulling teeth. But this particular scene I had to take frequent time outs that were lasted. . . days. I have no idea what I am doing here. What is writing? Gee, what is existence?!

“But she lied,” Oddball said it as if it was the ultimate sin and Peril was ready to believe he was right.

.  .  .  .

Peril snorted. “Oddball doesn’t care if I’m breathing.”

“Don’t say that!” Skyler said. “He cares more than anyone. Why do you think he got so angry?”