Friday, July 31, 2015

In which Many Things may be Found

This is a life update.

Just thought I'd forewarn you.

I hope you don't mind some old, random pictures of trees and stuff.

I've been throwing Sherlock quotes at everyone recently. I really need a Sherlock marathon. Soon too, before I drive everyone crazy. Though, half the time they don't even know what I'm talking about.

I got this lovely necklace from PaperFuryInk

Recipe for Heaven on Earth

1. Melt semisweet chocolate chips.
2. Mix salted peanuts into melted chocolate.
3. Let dry, then eat. Or just consume it gooey.

My library does not have the fourth Ranger's Apprentice book. *wails* What am I to do!?

But I am reading Graceling by Kristin Cashmore. Have you read it? What did you think? 

Oh, and I finally finished the second season of Once Upon a Time. Now I must have the third. Most of my family loves this series. Have you seen it?

I just bought the album Cathedrals by Tenth Avenue North. This was the first song.

I have a really hard time remembering this. I'm very much a loner and will honestly not talk to anyone about anything. But the other day, my best friend came over and when she said, "What are you thinking?" I could tell her for truth exactly what was going through my mind at that exact moment. People, I don't do that with just anyone. It was so nice for a change!

Blogposts you should check out

Aimee's guest post on Writer and Proud. She talks about why characters need motivation. I needed this post.

Annika's post on love triangles, the different kinds, ways to break the cliche, etc. You must all read this! Yes, I'm pointing at you.

Carmel's post about Truth and writing. I love how pithy and beautiful her posts are. They really hit home.

I don't wear make-up often. In part, because I don't care. I have better things to do with my life. . . like write, and read, and watch Once Upon a Time. *cough* VERY important, that latter one. When I do actually wear make-up, I always get compliments on my hair. Yep. My hair. Why? I have no idea.

(In case for some absurd reason you wondered, no. I do not put the make-up on my hair.)

This is perfect

I've been having a time of it with the Oddball Sequel. You see, I'm at the part where things aren't so bad for the characters. They actually get a chance to get to know each other and- dare I say- get along. 

It's seems writing pleasant things, doesn't suit me. I don't know where to go with it. The conversations, the what-is-supposed-to-happen, the feel-goody parts. I know where I want to go with it, it's just the getting there has me stuck.   

I'm going away for a week or so with my family. So I won't be around much.

What have you all been up to? What are you reading? Have you read Graceling? Or seen Once Upon a Time?

Summer Writing Camp #6

I hope you all liked #5 with it's dragon. In fact, there's still time left to join if you wish. Also you don't want to miss on what everyone wrote. The creativity is strong with this blogsphere.

Ahem. I will be gone for the next week. But for now, here's a prompt/link up thing. The deadline is August 14th.

dialogue prompt

Have an awesome week!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SWC #5 Enter Ayvie

So more Eelistle? He's the elf guy from the first, third, and fourth prompt. 

Actually, I'm sure he's the only elf I've written about.
This one's a little long. Okay, it's a lot long (that is what long's all about, you know). Here' the thing. It's in first person this time. Hope you like it. Brayden is actually conscious for this one. Not sure if that is completely good or not. . .

By the way the, deadline for this two week's Summer Writing Camp is July 31st. That happens to be this Friday, people. I really hope you get to join, because- because-


You know you want to. :D Though you should at least hop on over to Rachel's blog @ Secret Scribblings and read her take on it. I happen to think it's quite fabulous. 


I sip my water. We sit outside the café under the canopy

 “We need to get to Tenerath,” Brayden says around his sandwich. 

I don’t prod him to explain. Three tables down there’s a girl. Dark skinned and short, who seems like she’s listening to every word we say. It wouldn’t matter anyhow. Brayden would only elaborate when he wishes too. 

“What’s wrong?” He frowns at me. “You’ve hardly said a word since we arrived.”

I consider telling him about the girl. But he will only push it aside as paranoia. So I settle for the second truth. “I hate the city.” My voice sounds surprisingly composed and void of emotion. But in reality this whole place has me on edge. There’s so much noise. So many people. So much—


Brayden swallows and shrugs. He already knows about my abhorrence for all places over populated. “Garath’s men won’t be leaving us alone anytime soon.” Brayden takes a long drink from his mug. “So as soon as we can find fast transportation, we’ll get out of here.”

I nod. “What do you have in mind?”

He quirks an eyebrow. “Preferably a dragon.”

A small smirk tugs at the corner of my mouth. “I see. And is dragon flying another one of your assorted arcane abilities?”

“How hard can it be?” Brayden clasps his hands behind his head. “We’re on a budget and a tight schedule. I’d rather not rob some corrupt lord and buy a dragon within the same town.”

I settle my hands on the table. “Translation: you do not know how to fly a dragon.” 

Brayden rolls his eyes and hunches back over the table like he’s sharing a secret. “That’s a minor inconvenience which will soon be resolved after purchasing said dragon.”

“Of course.” I sit back but don’t let my smirk fade.  Brayden ignores me.  

“We should split up.” He darts a look around the market square. “We’ll cover more ground that way.”

My chest tightens. Since Brayden has gotten better, I’ve allowed him to take the lead, just like old times. I’m not exactly good with people. Brayden pretends to be oblivious to the pensive look that has stolen my smirk, but the gleam in his eye gives him away.

“Um, ma’am?” I say to the lady in charge of the stable. 
She continues to scold one of her stable hands about overfeeding the ponies. 

“Ma’am?” This time I tap her shoulder. 

She whirls on me fast. But as soon as she looks me up, all the way up, she steps back. “Aye, sar? What coulds I be doin’ fer ye?” Her accent's more atrocious than the kids I spoke to earlier. 

“Ma’am, uh,” I stammer. “I wondered if you might have a, maybe.” I shift under her gawking stare. “A dragon. For sale?”

“No, sar. Not ‘ere.” Her face still shows surprise, but her voice is as easy as a brook at sunset. 

“Do you- might you know-“

She points to a man at a booth across the wide square and her confidence returns. “Mastar Tidlar knows just en ‘bout all the bisness that goes ‘round. Ye could ask ‘im?” She turns it into a question to make it gentler.

“Yes. Right.” I bow of my head. “Thank you . . . ma’am.” Only Brayden has ever heard me speak without stumbling over myself. Not even Cordon could get that.

She nods and covers her smile. 

The man at the booth has weasel eyes and a kept, pointy beard. He sits with his feet kicked up on his booth and relates some story to two other men. I have a strong suspicion that his name is not strictly Mastar Tidlar, but in truth Master Tidler. Well, Tidler. 

“Sir?” I step up to the booth.

The two men beside me balk before reacting more ethically. 

“Yes, my good man?” Finally! Someone who can speak properly. Tidler’s unfazed expression at my appearance puts me a little more at ease myself.

“I was, well- Someone informed me you knew about the business exchanges in this town?” 

“They were correct.” Tidler twirls a charcoal pencil between his fingers. He has a certain charisma that inclines others to like him, yet he studies me just as much as I do him. “Is there something you are looking for?”

I open my mouth. If asked, this man would give away information concerning me and Brayden. For a high price of course. And with me being so recognizable. . .

I force myself to smile back at him. “Do you know of the best inn around?” I breathe so as not to stammer. “I have some business in town and I could be here some time.”

Tidler rubs his chin. “Any preferences you have?”

“Some place that will give me a good cut rate. Uh, a nice bed.” Now I make stuff up and hope he doesn’t see through me. “I will probably be around for a week and I am a bit particular about my rest. So, nothing rowdy.”

Tidler smiles understandingly. “Of course. Rocker’s is the best place. It’s a nice cozy part of town and he has grand food.” He sets his feet on the ground and leans forward. “If you go down Lion’s Tail street down here?” He points down a cobbled street that branches off from the square. 

I nod.

“Then take a right at the bakery. Crumb Shop is its name. Keep going and Rocker’s Inn will be to the left.”

“Right. Then left. Thank you sir.” I bow my head.

“Pleasure.” He kicks his feet back onto the table.

I walk down Lion’s Tail. Walk normal. Not too fast. When I’m out of sight, I double back down a side alley.

“I couldn’t find a dragon for sale.” Brayden joins me as I walk back the café. 

“Clearly,” I say. “Or else you would have one with you.”

Brayden smirks. “Your sarcasm’s still weak, but we’ll work on it.”

I roll my eyes and fight down my own smirk. 

The crowd practically parts for us as we make our way through. 

Brayden frowns. “This is ridiculous. How are we supposed to hide with you around?”

I don’t point out how he included me then excluded me all in a single since. 

“If you’re with me you’ve got to do something about all- all-“

“All what?” I ask with a tone of seriousness.

 “This!” He gestures to me up and down. “You’re too tall.” Now he waves me away like a fly. “You stick out like a tower in the plains.”

“What exactly do you suggest I do? I am not going to chop off my knees.”

“I don’t know! Stoop a little. Cut your hair!” He puts a hand on his chin and looks at me again. “And do something about those ears.”

“I am not chopping them off either.”

A voice behind us calls out, “Freak!”

A few other snickers and insults join it, but not many. Brayden throws a death glare over his shoulder as I rub the back of my neck. I can’t hide in the human’s realm. At home, I was invisible. I both cherished it and hated it. Now I miss it like the memory of water in a desert. 

“No matter,” Brayden steps into the café. “We’ve got to out of this town tonight with or without fast transportation. 

The place is packed with dinnertime guest. We stand off in a corner because there’s no place to sit. Brayden orders us some farven juice. 

“Eelistle,” he says quietly after the server delivers our drinks, “You know I would have no one else with me on this journey. No matter how much you stick out.”

I nod. How do I respond to those words exactly? Or is a response even required of me? 

Brayden snort-laughs to himself. “Sometimes it’s even advantageous. Most people find you intimidating.”

I stare at him. Me? Intimidating? Brayden laughs even louder now. We’ve known each other too long for him not to know what I’m thinking. 

“Good sirs?” A young woman stands nearby, the one who listened to our lunch conversation. She bows with flourish and grins. Brayden looks impressed. I am not.

“I’ve heard you were unsuccessful on your dragon hunt.”

“Um. How did you know this?” I hear myself respond first.

She looks at me. “People hear things.”

Well, that is most comforting.

“I have a dragon you can buy,” she says brightly.

“Really?” Brayden’s eyes dance. “How fast does he fly?”

“She,” the female says. “Fire Flicker’s the fastest you’ll ever see.”

“How much for her?” Brayden says.

“Ten lens.”

“Ten?” Brayden’s voice only remains tempered because she’s attractive. 

“Yes.” Now she grins even wider. “Five for her and five for her driver.”


“Flicker and I’ve flown many people, and I’m sure we can be of good service to you.”

“No,” I say. 

Brayden looks at me.

“We can’t have another life to. . .” I crinkle my nose while finding the right words, “be responsible for. Besides we have no thought to where we may go or what danger--.”

“I know precisely where we’re going, Eelistle,” Brayden says firmly.

“Yes, but. . .” I sigh. “We need to travel freely,” I insist. “Having a beast of our own is efficient, but another person in the party becomes another liability. She will only slow us—“

“Excuse your elvishness,” the girl says, “I am capable of taking care of myself and I am certainly not a liability.”

I bow curtly to the female. “Apologies my lady. I meant no offense. It is clear from your, um, physique, posture, and excellent blade,” I nod to her sword in its sheath, “that you are a good warrior—“ 

“My physique!” The woman clenches her fists and glances at Brayden. 

Brayden shrugs. “Don’t take it lightly. He knows swordsmanship when he sees it.” 

“I merely mean.” I take a breath before beginning again. “That we must move fast and I, um, do not know how long your services will be needed. Certainly, you do not wish to be in tow for long.”

The woman crosses her arms over her chest. “I’ll leave when I see fit, if that’s what bothers you. But as you said yourself, I may be more useful than simply steering your ‘fast transportation.’”

Brayden laughs loudly and jabs my arm. “She’s got spunk.”

We both glare at him. Standing close to her, I stick out even more. We’re complete opposites. My skin is pale like the moon and my hair, just as pale, hangs loosely behind my back. She is dark like the night and her hair, just as dark, is bound up in various braids and a scarf. 

Brayden gazes at us with amusement, like life is a game. Like he is a king and not an exiled prince with a price on his head. 

“She comes with us,” he says.

She smirks at me in triumph and I simply look away. 

“Ayvie,” she says.

Brayden introduces himself and his “sulky friend.”

They chat as we exit the café. Ayvie asks where Brayden “got” me. Of course, he launches into an untold version of how we met and somehow makes a twist in which he can appear heroic. This is why I can’t stand girls amongst our company. Brayden flirts with them while I take the serious matters seriously. Speaking of which.

“We have to make a stop by Rocker’s Inn,” I blurt.

“Eelistle,” Brayden says patronizingly, “we’re leaving. We have a dragon and lucky for you someone who knows how to fly one.”

“Trust me,” I say. “I think it will be worth our while to pay the owner a three days’ worth stay.”

"Why?" Ayvie says in annoyance.

But Brayden nods. “I see. Excellent plan.”

Monday, July 27, 2015

Thoughts While Reading Cress- aka not-a-review

Hi everyone! I finally finished Cress, the third book in the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I decided against an actual review. Instead I'll share my thoughts while reading the book. I might have stolen this idea from Beth @ The Quiet People with her post 19 Thoughts When Reading Red Rising

You should totally check out her blog because 1) I love her reviews, so to the point and heartfelt, 2) she talks about some good stuff, 3) I'm almost out of M&Ms *flails* wait, that's irrelevant, and 4) she has a minimalist style with awesome book photography.

If you haven't read the Lunar Chronicles, then allow me to direct you to Cinder by Marissa Meyer. It happens to be the first in the Chronicles. It's hilarious. It's a Cinderella retelling. And I promise, you will not be disappointed in the leastest (Don't tell me that's not a word. I do what I want.). I now charge you, go forth and read it! Then Scarlet. Then Cress. And then you can wait with me in agony until November when Winter finally comes out. 

 My tribute to Cress.

There may be spoilers ahead, as well as randomly placed Tangled gifs. You have been warned. 


Thorne makes me think of Han Solo.


I love how Thorne engages Sybil on the satellite. He doesn't give a second thought to the trickery because it was always an open possibility. He doesn't put up a fuss about dying either. I mean, sure he'll try to escape. But if it doesn't work, he'll accept death. In some small way, he makes me think of the Norsemen. The philosophy behind Norse mythology. Seriously, why do people study Greek myth? Why not Norse? 

Flynn & Maximus. Tangled

Torin is driving me crazy! He says Cinder isn't to be trusted and his sole reason is that she's Lunar. But he's okay with finding Princess Selene. Hello! Earth to Torin. Selene is Lunar. If you want to find her, you're going to have to trust her. Why doesn't Kai question his logic (or lack of)? Because Torin is making zero sense. I really hope Torin isn't some leak for Levana. 


 Aka- Kai is smarter than he gives himself credit for. If he started giving himself a little credit and stopped listening to everyone else, he might actually make a good /not stupid decision.


"Yes, exactly! And it's beautiful."
Thorne snorted. "If this is how you feel about a desert. I can't wait until you see your first real tree. Your mind will explode." 


But instead, he shook her -- hard.
"Stop it!"
Cress hiccupped. . . .
"The number one cause of deaths. What is it?"
"De-dehydration?" she said. . . .
"And what does crying do?"
It took a moment. "Dehydrates?"

Oh, Thorne. You're so romantic. *rolls eyes*

Tangled - Rapunzel and Flynn Rider
Picture it. He's blind. She's leading him. Yes?

Ugh! Why is Cress always swooning? I cannot stand that word. (But I will concede. The word "swoon" is in perfect characterization with Cress. Cress may swoon. Cinder would not "swoon." Grr. That word. Cinder might blackout, go unconscious, possibly faint. But swoon? No. Scarlet would not swoon. And dare I say? Wolf. *snickers* Just the thought is hilarious absurd.)

This makes me think so much of Cress! Tangled
Cress in the beginning

Half the time I picture Wolf, I picture Wolverine. I have no idea why.

We have tomatoes
You have no idea how much I love this

Honestly, Cinder, can't you look presentable for more than five minutes?"- Iko

In which, I relate to a fictional character. 


Okay, so Torin told them about Kai's ID chip. So he's good, right? I hope Torin is a good guy. . .


It's okay, Cress. When it comes to Scarlet, Wolf is just as sappy romantic as you are. 


But he [Thorne] and Wolf could easily become liabilities, weapons to be toyed with by the thaumaturge, unlike Cress and Iko, who couldn't be controlled,"- This is very ironic. Cinder, I think you should regroup later, and teach  those who are immune to mind control some combat skills. Just saying. 

Seriously, Cinder. You should invest.

Cinder could tear Wolf from Sybil's control by glamoring into Scarlet. That would be cruel. That would be so- THAT WOULD MESS WOLF UP SO BAD. Cinder, do not do that! Please?

 (So I had an evil author moment: What is the worst thing you can do to this character?)

Tangled!  <3

Yes! Yes, go after Sybil. Thank you, Cinder! Finally.


Oookay. Everyone is dying, the world is falling apart, and Thorne is kissing the girl. Why am I not surprised? He is so like Han Solo. Don't deny it. 


 "Make sure I don't shoot anyone we like."- I love this. I like how he says 'we.' Like Thorne and Cress are a couple now. I guess, kissing in the middle of a battle scene would make that official.

Cress by on @deviantART It's okay Cress. When it comes to Scarlet Wolf is as much of an over romantic sap like you. :)
I know. It's long. But it's the best part.

Whenever I think of/see the phrase, "Love you to the moon and back," I always think of Wolf and Scarlet. I know! I'm sorry, but I can not unthink it. Reality is in ruins! This is what books do to you. *sobs* I love books.


We shall fool them all, you and I.- This new girl, Winter, I guess? I like her. She's good. I can tell.


Oh. Wow. Why is it that I can so see the ever serious, always practical and prickly Jacin Clay falling dangerously in love with this innocent, mad Lunar princess?  


"We're on a spaceship, Cinder. In space!" - Gee, he's a bright one, isn't he? ;) Seriously, though. Despite doing something as stupid as handing Levana the Eastern Commonwealth and, virtually following, the rest of the world, I love Kai. I really do. 

The Lunar Chronicles
I do feel a little sorry for him.

Oh my goodness, Cinder! Tell him who you are and get it over with it, okay? Tell him the plan, tell him everything, and he'll get it. Try communicating what matters for a moment and we might get somewhere.


"Although. . . Somehow, I always picture the Princess. . . I don't know. In a dress."- Come now, Kai. Don't be stereotypical. 


Kai, how is it possible for you to be so perfect to her? *sighs* Allow me a sappy Cress moment. Just one, okay? 

(In case you wondered, this was during The Kiss. You know, the one we've been waiting for, like, ever?! Might I add, that I love when authors make us wait for the kisses, instead of having the characters smooching every hour. *cough* Just had to throw in my romance pet peeves.)

Oh my gosh YES I've been waiting for this pic for SO LONG!

Man, I'm glad she told him about the newsfeed in her head or THAT would've been hard to explain.


Cinder couldn't help laughing, even exhaustedly, even just to cover up the screaming inside, as he bound her up in his arms. . . . with the strength of his heartbeat and the way she felt almost delicate when she was pressed up against him like this. 
Almost fragile.
Almost safe.
Almost like a princess.

Normally, I would excuse a part like this as sappy. I'd roll my eyes and move on. But this is Cinder. Do you get it? The I-am-not-a-princess Cinder. And she, Cinder, is feeling this. Okay? *internal flailing* This is one of the sweetest things ever. 


Wolf and Scarlet. *weeps in abandoned corner whilst gazing at the moon*


Okay, as good as the princess, feel-goody excerpt was. This just made me grin so much.

He shrugged against her. "The people of Luna don't need a princess. They need a revolutionary."
Cinder furrowed her brow. "A revolutionary," she repeated. She liked that a lot better than princess.