Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A pitiful epiphany

             Finding words in the Great, Blank Nothing and getting them to stick to paper (or virtual paper) is more difficult than most people think. It also comes with a lot staring into the Great, Blank Nothing (or just staring to normal people).

Friday, November 1, 2013

National Author's Day

           I just found out that today is National Author's Day in America. It was created to celebrate and thank American authors. Here's a link to some more information on it.

           Some of my favorite American authors.

Suzanne Collins

           Do I need to explain? Everyone knows who Collins is. Her books have inspired some of my own ideas. Because of her books, first person narration refused to leave my head so now I'm determined to give it a try some time. And come now- The tension! The suspense! The characters. The Hunger Games is a wild ride.

Veronica Roth

The Divergent trilogy is one of my favorites. The concept. Her writing style. The wonderful characters. I cannot wait to read Alleigant (forgive me if I've spelled it wrong). The dystopian genre is something I can't wait to explore myself one day.


George Bryan Polivka

           I would be ecstatic if you've heard of him. He wrote The Trophy Chase Trilogy, and its prequel Blaggard's Moon. I've been wanting to reread these books for a while. Granted, there is head-hopping. I read Polivka before I knew what head-hopping was. Before I knew anything about writing. He's a big reason why I write. And why I write fantasy.

Sibella Giorello

           I love geology. And maybe I don't write mysteries (one day. . .), but I love to read them. Giorello has them together. . . in the same book? Why didn't someone think of this before? I love everything about her Raleigh Harmon books. The humor, the characters, the mystery. Forensic science, people! What can be better? She's also one of the few authors who can pull off a Christian protagonist without a cliched, 'preachy' book. I applaud that. It's so hard to find. She inspires me.

           This is the abridged list.

           What about your favorite American author?